Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer
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ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix System Accessories
New Universal Personal Energetic Trainer (PET RED) Model: Stress Relief & Focus

$195. The New 2021 RED Stress Relief and Focus Personal Energetic Trainer was invented by Dr. Alan Back to assist in stress relief, mental focus, clarity, and memory recall ability. Over a period of time, the Stress and Focus PET helps to stabilize the active high-speed thought patterns of the user and has a positive effect on mental mood swings over time and assisting with the relief of stress.

Directions: Carry in pocket or place under pillow or bed at night. Effective range is about 3 feet.

Size: 2" x 1.25" x 0.5"
ABPA SENSOR Vortex Energy Plate
ABPA SENSOR Vortex Energy Plate
$79. This is our very popular 2021 ABPA SENSOR Vortex Energy Plate based on Scalar Wave Biomagnetic Field research. The ABPA Sensor Vortex Energy Plate is used by placing it in the bottom of the "Output" well of either the ABPA A2 or AM3 Matrix Instruments.

The ABPA SENSOR Vortex Energy Plate contains precisely designed copper tracings in the true "Sensor" pattern made popular by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in the 1970's and 1980's. Users report a dramatic increase in the output power and effectiveness of their ABPA instrument when using this Sensor Plate.

Includes use guidelines. FREE Shipping in the contiguous USA. Ours exclusive!
Replacement LED Scan Cable for ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Instruments
12 foot replacement LED Scan Cable for
ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Instruments
$69.95. Extra long factory replacement for the LED Scan Cable that was originally included with a new A2 or AM3 Instrument Package.

Perfectly replaces an LED Scan Cable that was lost or damaged.

Length: 12 feet.
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ABPA Dual-Ray LED Photon Wand
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$239. Exclusive - New for 2021
Latest LED Technology for the ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer and AM3 Matrix Systems!

Turn your ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer into an advanced, pulsed, high power, LED photon light therapy machine.
New "DUAL" 660 nm (visible red) and 850 nm (infrared) LEDs for greater power and penetration.

This is a true breakthrough for ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer owners and users. Our new 2020 ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer Dual-Ray Photon Wand contains TWO LEDS in a unique "stacked" array. Never before has this breakthrough technology been available for ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer owners.
Digital Media Interface for A2 & AM3
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$795. The newest 2021 accessory for the ABPA A2 and AM3 instruments is the Digital Media Interface (DMI). Unfortunately, the Polaroid company stopped making Polaroid 600 film that many of us depended on for our work and results. The manufacturer of the ABPA replaced the Polaroid 600 film with the new Digital Media Interface. After many prototypes, the new Digital Media Interface has reached a completed stage of development.

The DMI is able to be used in all Advance Bio-Photon Analyzers models A1, A2 & AM3 systems along with all Radionics type units that previously received the Polaroid 600 film, including the SE5 as well. By simply connecting a Windows PC computer USB cable to the DMI, you can copy a single high-resolution digital photograph into the digital memory DMI, and then placing the DMI antenna array into the photograph well of the ABPA A2 or AM3, you can use the unit just like before with outstanding results.
Digital Media Interface for A2 & AM3
Device Interface Cable for A2 & AM3
Device Interface Cable for A2 & AM3
$250. The Device Interface Cable is the interface that allows you to connect an ABPA A2 or AM3 to a variety of other devices such as a GB-4000 Function Generator, F-Scan2, F-125, F-165, and many other popular units.

The Device Interface Cable electronically and safely balances the input and output of both connected devices allowing smooth operation and accurate communication without damage to the delicate electronics of either instrument.
Aluminum Travel Case for ABPA A2
$97. An attractive, protective, high-impact Travel Case to totally protect the ABPA A2 during shipping and transport. Our Locking Aluminum Travel Case is made to the highest impact and protective specifications. Size: 18" x 15" x 6"
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