Dual-Ray Photon Wand Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer A2 and AM3 Matrix Dual-Ray LED Photon Wand
Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer
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Dual-Ray LED Photon Wand for the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix
Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer Systems
Ours Exclusive - New for 2024!

Latest LED Technology for the ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer and AM3 Matrix Systems!

Turn your ABPA A2 or AM3 Matrix Bio-Photon Analyzer instrument into an advanced, pulsed, high power, LED photon light therapy machine.

New "DUAL" 660 nm (visible red) and 850 nm (infrared) LEDs for greater power and penetration.

This is a true breakthrough for ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer owners and users. Our new 2024 ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer Dual-Ray Photon Wand contains TWO LEDS in a unique "stacked" array. Never before has this breakthrough technology been available for ABPA A2 Bio-Photon Analyzer owners.
Dual-Ray LED Photon Wand for the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Instruments

About 22 years ago, researchers at the University of Chicago discovered that the average wavelength of cell tissue in the human body ranged between 600 nm and 720 nm. We believe that 660 nm visible red and 850 nm infrared seem to create a strong sympathetic vibratory resonance in the human body cell range discovered by research at the University of Chicago and works very well because it is in the range of the resonant frequency of cell tissue and seems to absorb better in hemoglobin.

INCREASED HEALING IN THE 660 nm and 850 Infrared nm wavelengths

As you move toward the red end of the color spectrum, the rate of cellular regeneration increases. For instance, a single frequency in the green range of the color spectrum might affect the kidneys 40 times better than a normal base-line study, whereas a red range would be about 4,000 times faster.

Over the years, researchers migrated to infrared, red and eventually the 660 nm wavelength because it was found to be the fastest way to regenerate tissue. So if you have an injury you would normally recover from in ten days, you may actually recover that tissue in two days by application of 660 nm red light. Now, it has been discovered that by combining the visible 660 nm red light with infrared (IR) 850 nm light wavelengths, the process becomes exponentially more effective.

Researchers also found that irradiating mitochondria with red and infrared light causes them to produce cytochromes, which increase their efficiency.

LED light has been shown by NASA to dramatically decrease wound healing time. This is supported by several clinical trials. It is not known why this works yet, but the hypothesis is that light may supply extra energy to cellular organelles. Here are some of the benefits of LED based therapy according to the research links listed below:

- Apply to wounds, cuts and burns to accelerate healing
- May give instant relief for insect bites and stings to prevent swelling
- May accelerate the healing process and regenerates tissue
- May stimulate production of collagen to rejuvenate skin
- Increases fibroblast cell proliferation to stimulate repair processes
- Helpful healing aid for people whose immune systems are weakened
- Often used for ulcers and bedsores
- Sports injuries
- Our exclusive design, only available here!
Dual-Ray LED Photon Wand for the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Instruments BUY NOW
Dual-Ray LED Photon Wand for the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Instruments
Dual-Ray LED Photon Wand for the ABPA A2 and AM3 Matrix Instruments
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